Wintergrass Is Near! February 23-26

If you’re looking for a whole lot of really great music come to the Wintergrass Festival February 23-26.
Four days of concerts, workshops and fun!! Check out the Wintergrass webpage HERE
and Wintergrass Facebook HERE

We’ll be there for the Fretboard Journal Vintage Instrument Tasting Session (with Darrell Scott and Matt Flinner!) and the Musical Instrument Museum with some guitars from Rosewood’s private collection including a mid-1800s Aubry Maire, 1848 James Ashborn, ca. 1870 Martin 2-18, 1902 Martin 1-28, 1903 Martin 0-21, 1880s Washburn harp guitar, 1907 Gibson L-1 archtop, 1907 Gibson A-style mandolin and more!