Alhambra 2nds New Shipment

We just received a new shipment of Alhambra seconds. A couple of times a year Alhambra gives us first choice of a batch of seconds. With Alhambra’s extremely high quality control, these guitars come to us with just minor (sometimes unnoticeable) cosmetic imperfections at great savings. This batch includes some of the following:

1OP $375.00 (regular $499.99)
1C $450.00 (regular $599.99)
2C $490.00 (regular $649.99)
4P $675.00 (regular $999.99)
7P $1200.00 (regular $1699.99)
9P CW E8 $2400.00 (regular $3199.99)
9PA $1875.00 (regular $2499.99)
Linea Professional $3000.00 (regular $3999.99)
Mengual y Margarit Serie C $3750.00 (regular $4999.99)
Mengual y Margarit NT $3750.00 (regular $4999.99)
Premier Professional Madagascar $3000.00 (regular $3999.99)

Stop by while they last!