Robert Vierschilling

Robert has a strong background in both classical guitar performance and pedagogy. After earning Bachelor and Master of Music degrees in classical guitar at the Peabody Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University, he expanded his range as an instructor with extensive Suzuki guitar teacher training. As a member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA) and the Suzuki Association of Washington State (SAWS), Robert helps young students develop their interest in music and creates opportunities for Suzuki guitar students and their families to share their musical growth. With adult students, Robert provides guidance to improve skills and knowledge, and increase enjoyment. He also performs at various venues around Seattle and does a little composition in his spare time. Private instruction with Robert is $65 per hour.

Suzuki Guitar Instruction for Children

Suzuki classical guitar lessons are based on the teaching approach developed by the Japanese violin teacher, Shinichi Suzuki. Children learning through the Suzuki approach often begin lessons at age four or five, and sometimes as early as age three. Age appropriate adjustments can be made for children beginning at almost any age.

Some features of the Suzuki approach include:
  • Parental participation in lessons and home practice.
  • Both private lessons and group classes.
  • Carefully selected repertoire which introduces new skills sequentially.
  • Recordings of lesson repertoire for student listening.
  • Encouragement from the teacher and parents.
  • Learning to read after a basic instrumental technique is established.
  • Having fun while learning music and guitar!

Robert’s Suzuki guitar students have enjoyed performing at many venues including Seattle area retirement homes and cafes, the Seattle Classic Guitar Society Holiday Concert, the Suzuki Association of Washington State (SAWS) fall festival at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, in their elementary, middle and high schools, and at family gatherings. A few of his advanced students have performed in public master classes for artists including Christopher Parkening, Fabio Zanon, David Leisner, Michael Nicolella, Roland Dyens, Flavio Cucci and Berta Rojas.

Classical Guitar Lessons for Adults
Classical guitar lessons are for adults of all ages including:
  • Complete beginners who have or have not played another instrument
  • Acoustic or electric guitarists who want to learn classical guitar
  • Classical guitarists who used to play and stopped, and now want to resume
  • Intermediate and advanced classical guitarists

Robert teaches fundamentals of classical guitar technique and music through methods such as those by Parkening, Sagreras, Noad, and Carcassi. Intermediate and advanced students explore the technical and interpretative demands of repertoire by Bach, Sor, Tarrega, Pujol, Dowland, Villa-Lobos, Brouwer and other classical guitar repertoire and studies. Music theory is often introduced in lessons to help build understanding.

As an inspiring enrichment to lessons, adult students often attend classical guitar performances, including community-based events and those sponsored by the Seattle Classic Guitar Society.