Walker Wise River SOLD

We are both honored and excited to receive this guitar from master builder John Walker. John has an extensive background in luthiery from Flatiron, Gibson Custom Shop, Tacoma Guitars and Andersen Stringed Instruments. This Wise River model is a forward shifted X-brace, slope shouldered beauty. All of the workmanship is world-class and the sound is enchanting. The guitar has the airy, open character of a vintage guitar but with added sparkle and complexity to make for a wonderful balance.

I have a confession to make on this guitar. I first encountered John Walker’s guitars some years ago at the Wintergrass music festival. It didn’t take long to become absolutely enchanted with the sound, workmanship, aesthetic details, well…just about everything. The guitar I played stayed in my head for years until I met John at the La Conner Guitar Festival in 2017. It was really good fortune to meet John and have him agree to sell his guitars through our store. This Wise River was purchased at the La Conner Guitar Festival and another Wise River and a dreadnought Lochsa were immediately put on order. I decided to keep this Wise River for myself to appease my obsession with his guitars. This has been my go to steel-string lately and I am still enchanted with everything about it.

John will only be able to supply us with one or two new guitars a year so if you have a chance stop by and fall in love. His guitars are really outstanding!    -Bill

  • U.S.A.
  • Solid red spruce top
  • Solid mahogany back and sides
  • 14 fret slope shoulder
  • Maple binding
  • Ebony through saddle bridge
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • SOLD